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How It Works


1. Brief Description: SkyEdge Solutions partners with a cloud service provider to utilize Terraform for provisioning a new cloud infrastructure environment on AWS, Azure, or GCP from scratch. Terraform configuration files define infrastructure components such as virtual machines, networking resources, storage, and security policies. Automation ensures consistent and reliable deployment processes across environments, supporting SkyEdge Solutions’ growth and scalability.

2. Precondition:

  • SkyEdge Solutions identifies the need to establish a new cloud infrastructure environment to support its growing business requirements.
  • A cloud service provider with expertise in Terraform and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP is selected as a partner.
  • SkyEdge Solutions’ IT team collaborates with the cloud service provider to define infrastructure requirements and objectives.
  • A budget and resources allocation plan for the new cloud infrastructure implementation have been approved by SkyEdge Solutions’ management.

3. Main Flow:

3.1 Infrastructure Requirements Gathering:

  • SkyEdge Solutions’ IT team works closely with the cloud service provider to gather infrastructure requirements, including computing resources, networking configurations, storage needs, and security policies.
  • Business objectives and growth projections are considered to ensure the new cloud infrastructure environment can scale effectively to meet future demands.

3.2 Terraform Configuration Development:

  • Based on the gathered requirements, Terraform configuration files are developed to define the desired infrastructure components and their interdependencies.
  • Virtual machines, networking resources such as VPCs, subnets, and security groups, storage solutions like S3 buckets or Azure Blob Storage, and access control policies are specified in Terraform scripts.
  • Best practices and security standards are followed to ensure compliance and resilience of the cloud infrastructure environment.

3.3 Infrastructure Provisioning with Terraform:

  • Terraform is used to provision the new cloud infrastructure environment on the chosen cloud platform (AWS, Azure, or GCP).
  • Terraform commands are executed to apply the defined configurations, creating and configuring infrastructure resources according to the specified parameters.
  • Terraform’s declarative syntax ensures that the infrastructure state matches the desired configuration, providing consistency and reliability in the deployment process.

3.4 Automation and Orchestration:

  • Automation scripts are developed to streamline the deployment process and handle repetitive tasks such as environment setup, configuration validation, and error handling.
  • Orchestration tools may be integrated with Terraform to manage complex workflows, dependencies, and deployment sequences, ensuring efficient and reliable provisioning of the cloud infrastructure environment.

4. Postcondition:

  • SkyEdge Solutions successfully implements a new cloud infrastructure environment using Terraform, providing the necessary computing resources, networking, storage, and security policies to support its business operations.
  • Automation and orchestration mechanisms ensure consistent and reliable deployment processes across environments, enabling SkyEdge Solutions to scale its infrastructure efficiently in response to changing business needs.
  • The new cloud infrastructure environment lays the foundation for SkyEdge Solutions’ growth and scalability, supporting its ongoing success in the market.

5. Alternative Flow:

  • Throughout the implementation process, SkyEdge Solutions and the cloud service provider remain agile and adaptive, adjusting infrastructure configurations and deployment strategies as needed based on feedback, emerging requirements, or changing business priorities.
November 11, 2023